Mobile business solutions.

Everything is moving to mobile, websites, applications, sales of business products  and more its all about the mobile lifestyle.

Were mobile and were busy…

Every day if your like most people you find that at the end of the day you have more to do than you did yesterday.

So much to do and so little time to get it done.

Between work, shopping, living and looking to the future for retirement options, its all about the ability to better manage your time and that usually means a mobile device, we often search for products and services using a mobile device and the thing is many business locations in the US are just so far behind these complex technological times that they just do not see the forest for the trees.

If you look at what large corporations are doing you can see that mobile is the new today, technologically speaking its something that will eventually determine the future course of your business.

A lot of businesses do not even have a webpage, much less a mobile application.


Gigs, Freelance work, Jobs, Musical performances, odd jobs, contract work.

Don’t Struggle with making money or finding gigs that pay.

Giggets is all about freelance work from writing to creative contracts and more.

More than 70% of all woman that are stay at home innovators are looking for part time or full time remote revenue opportunities.

Many of these Ladies and Men are highly skilled and can produce superior work products.

We have many different Gigs available, from something as easy as updating content on a wordpress blog to services like programming, writing, content production, Video Advertising and Production services.

Providing digital services, Mobile Applications, Mobile Websites, Push notification, SMS, Marketing and Business services.

WE can provide your business with the exceptional products you need to compete in this new  Technological world.

Millions of Americans are out of work…

People who used to run corporations are sitting at home doing nothing…

Imagine what might happen if these talented people entered the digital workspace.

That is what providing digital services is all about. 

outsourcing solutions

Out Sourcing projects can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved and it can also be a nightmare.

Language barriers can be significant as well as cultural meanings behind language.

Communication between two different languages can have a night and day difference in translation and interpretation.

Getting the most out of your expenditures and improving your ROI that is what makes a good plan for success.

Find out what really can help your business get going.

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Getting gigs

Developing a better business is more than just landing a job.

Delivering on the promises you make is perhaps one of the most important things you must do in the service industry.

It may be easy to get a gig however it is far more important to keep on getting gigs and that is one thing a lot of sellers just do not understand well.

Reliability and providing professional services is what keeps you busy.


The mobile society

Everything today is about how everything changes.

Back in the early 1960s they started to prepare foods that were frozen and the meals were designed to be heated in the oven.

It was an instant meal, these quickly became known as TV dinners. 

Tv Dinners, often contained large amounts of fat and salt they were not good for you but millions of Americans and later the world enjoyed them.

Its about that instant satisfaction.

Later when the microwave become more commercially available Frozen foods became more common.

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Building better business

Years ago, the main building blocks of a retail business was plastered in many different types of organizations.

There was a time when if a business really wanted new customers they just about had to advertise in the yellow pages.

That has changed.

These days, the Yellow pages has become almost ineffective in reaching out to new customers.

The truth about building your  business better now is about Technology.

Mobile Websites, Apps, Digital Coupons, Loyalty Programs.

All of these things can present a real learning challenge for many small business owners.
Many small business owners are now faced with having to stand behind the register more than they did in the past and this creates a problem because if your standing in the place where an Employee should be standing, your out of position.

When you are stuck manning the cash register it can be difficult to see where to go next with your business.

This has caused a great many business failures.

Now if you are still here that is a good thing, Mobile Marketing can really make a difference.

Free lance writing

Freelance writing offers a new world of amazing opportunity.

Freelancing can provide a lot of amazing things.

Writing Articles about everything and everything.

The Internet is very much like a monster that gobbles up words constantly.  Given that the amount of text that the Internet needs is endless, there will always be plenty of work in writing articles.  Every website has a need for articles.

Articles are very simple to write and it is possible to write about topics you enjoy.  Blogging

There is an immense amount of opportunity for freelance writing work in the area of blogging.  Many businesses are now making use of their blogs as a great way to publish online offers and other sales that draw in more customers.

Blogging topics range from business topics to hobbies as well.  As blogging requires daily work, this task is quite often outsourced to freelance writers and presents a great opportunity for beginners.

Press Releases

Every business has a need for a Press Release at one time or another.  They are primarily used to inform the public of some newsworthy event.  Press Releases are a form of writing that new people can certainly learn and begin making money with right away.
Online Books

Does writing a book seem like a long and difficult task?  For many people it is just that but what if you looked at it from a different point of view.

There is great demand for online books, Kindle Books and writing them is a great freelance writing skill to acquire.  People love to read digital books on topics of their interest and there is great profit in learning to write these for others.

The above are four types of freelance writing venues.

Writing articles is simple, quick and fun.  Managing blogs for people and organizations is a wonderful source of daily work.  Once a person learns to write Press Releases, there will be an endless source of writing work.  Finally, creating digital products offers great hope for any freelance writer because everyone loves to read them.  Do not put it off any longer.  Begin a career in freelance writing and start setting up your dream life today.